Breeding Ignorance

Their head once laid upon concrete slab,

among a gray isolated room dressed in drab.

A nameless place where sustenance – infrequent and scarce,

where ignorance believes its bold and fierce.

Basic rights shred from the conscious mind,

a place where all (not one) explicitly left behind.

Nescience blatantly breeding throughout,

stuck in a vicious cycle permeated with destruction & doubt.


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In Memory of Adelaide Rockwell

word press

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Death is a part of life.  It deeply saddens me to announce my grandmother departed the precious earth on April 22nd.  She lived an amazing life and I find comfort in celebrating her life.  Her  death along with my other grandmother, Helen who passed away in March of 2000 have been the two hardest losses.  I wrote a beautiful poem for my grandmother which my sister read at her memorial service, with tearful eyes while I stood along side of her.

Our Grandmother

Adelaide E. Rockwell

1926- 2016

Our grandmother was beyond special, as we all know-

We all wanted you to stay grandma, but it would be selfish to never let you go.

Our grandmother was a beautiful woman, fun-loving, caring, and strong-

Out grandmother was stubborn; always right never wrong.

Our grandmother undoubtedly touched everyone that crossed her path-

But make grandmother angry, you’d be subject to her wrath.

Our grandmother loved to cook, iron, wash clothes and sew-

If you had a stain to remove visit grandmother, and watch it go.

Our grandmother would feed us until our bellies burst-

Sending us home with tons of food for our significant others, three plastic containers at worst.

Our grandmother was filled with wisdom, comfort, and poise-

Those were only a few of grandmother’s infinite joys.

Our grandmother’s mission and wish was to keep her family together and close-

We promise to adhere to this grandmother, so up in heaven you can continue to boast.

-The End –

Grief and grieving affects everyone differently.  The topic of death, grief, and grieving will be discussed further in an upcoming article either on my health site 365 Days of Health and Fitness, Plus+ and or via LinkedIn.

To collaborate on future articles or discuss freelance work I can be contacted directly at


All About Google+

This particular entry was originally written for my collegue April Renee’s site Writing Your Words. Please visit the direct site for writing advice and ideas.

A Professional Playground

Google Plus (Google+), is number one on the list of my top three favorite social media sites next to Twitter and Instagram.  Upon its launch in 2011 it was reported to have a growing rate of millions of users daily.  I  find Google+ the most beneficial overall for its superior networking capabilities and direct format.  I would describe Google+ as a professional playground for adults who desire to connect and share ideas, knowledge, and expertise, through plus ones (+1s) and #hashtags.

I find its most distinct feature,  how the user is able to group  their followers according to similar interests called circles. They say, keep your circles tight!

The following are a short description of frequently used Google+ terms followed by tips I find most helpful.

Google+ Terms

Google Plusses or Plus Ones (+1s) – The +1 button is found on the bottom-left of a post. It is used to indicate a like or appreciation of something one posts.  

Circles – Groups of Google+ users that are organized into categories that you invent.  For example, I have an author’s circle for my fellow writers and a fitness circle for fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Hangouts – Videoing or private messaging with one or more Google+ users.  

Hashtags – Are labels or keywords.  When posting it is imperative to use #hashtags with your post. It is how others find you.   

Google+ Stream – Is where you find updates of individuals in your circles – a stream of data.

H.I.R.L. – Hang-out in Real Life was most popular in 2012 and 2013 when local Google+ members  met in person in groups at a predetermined location for a social gathering.

Dana’s Google+ Tips

Build a Network – As an avid and frequent Google+ user since early 2012, I find searching for Google+ users through #hashtags one of the best tools thus far.  It is how I built a solid Google Plus network of 10,000 plus followers.  On a monthly basis, I search for authors and writers who have current postings on topics of my liking. You search by entering a keyword or #hashtag via the Google Plus search box. I do not simply circle them. I interact with them and start discussions.

Post Publicly – When you have a newly published article, share with the world! It’s how you are discovered. I used to post privately or with only certain circles because I was afraid of non-professional or crude comments.  Google Plus didn’t make a block feature or delete comment option for no reason. If you find a comment offensive, delete it, it’s your stream.

Keep an Updated Profile – I cannot tell you how many times I have received circle requests with no picture or a blank profile. I deny these requests as I feel the individual is not serious about networking and sharing information.  Keep it simple and professional, you do not have to include too much data on your profile but at least put your likes, interests, purpose, and links to any website you’d like to showcase. Do not forget a picture!

I’ve professionally networked on more than one occasion through  Google+ which led to valid writing opportunities. I’ve also gained knowledge and mentionable mentors and guides throughout my Google+ experience.  It’s honestly a suburb social media site if used properly.


Bio:  Dana holds her MBA from the University of Maryland University College and also has a BS in Psychology.  She is knowledgeable about various topics via both research and personal experience.  She enjoys researching topics such as, social media, fitness, health, work from home opportunities, relationships, education and much more. Her work experience includes clerical and management experience in the healthcare industry.  She also enjoys writing POV, poetry and fiction. For professional and business opportunities she can be reached at or Samples of her writing can be found here: Tools for Virtual Assistant Success,, and Work From Home.


Who Am I?

Really “who am I”…At times I wonder that myself?

The first time I had to write a short biography was for college.    Honestly, I was totally overwhelmed by the thought of what to write.  I had many what-ifs floating around.  What-if I said to little or revealed to much?  What-if I sounded dull? I became an expert at writing my biography the year before I completed college and obtained my MBA.  My advice in forming your own biography is understand who your audience is and just be you.  Those who are interested will be drawn in to find out about your natural abilities.

At an early age, I desired to one day become an author but reality set in and having a family in my early twenties my  focus shifted to work, family, and education.  I worked for several years in clerical and entry-level management positions always in a hospital environment while going to school.  I chose to major in Psychology and Management Studies.  I enjoyed learning about people, their behavior and their thought patterns.  It makes for great character building.

I since have had many experiences – good and bad.  Time may be able to reveal some.  I am now exploring different avenues and approaches to reach my goal and aspiration of becoming an author.

I have two goals for this – networking with other aspiring authors, bloggers and those with similar interests where we can learn and support each other and to build a solid writing portfolio.

Adjectives about me:  creative, photogenic, funny, friendly, real

Interests: blogging, reading, poetry, music, photography, learning new things

You can find samples of my writing at the following links:

Note to self:  About me/Biography (move to) 


‘Dancing Upon Skin’

by D. Rockwell A. 

SCARS embedded upon flesh

symbolic mesh!

Blended into the soul

serving as a momentous role!

SCARS with meaning –

body-art displayed, redeeming!

Comfort in choice

silent voice!

SCARS settled into skin

often mistaken for depicted sin!

Sincere outright visualized grace

individualized ‘distinctive’ private embrace!

as they are ultimately – ‘symbolized thoughts alive dancing upon skin’…

Dana’s thoughts:  Symbolism is portrayed through various forms – writing, songs, art – LIFE. I applaud those who chose to show symbolism through body art.  Scars can be interpreted as memories –  the good,  the bad, the ugly truth. Some chose to forget, some want to make a statement. Regardless, it is a personal choice.  Respect their decision.  They may have struggled or rejoiced and decided to share their memories by placing it upon their body through body art – tattooing.  If it disgusts you – shame on you, you are close-minded.  Individuals do not purposely place things upon their skin for attention – know it is for a purpose and has a deeper meaning.  It is not always meant for another to understand.

A quote is just a tattoo on the tongue. ~William F. DeVault

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Happy New Year, 2015

Welcome and Happy New Year!

Are we born with a formulated destiny?  Yes and no.

YES – because we are human by nature and humans have certain natural abilities.

NO – because even though an individual can possess a natural ability they do not always have the means to make it happen.

What am I getting at?  One can have the knowledge and ability to play baseball, write music, answer a  difficult mathematical problem, brainstorm business ideas, but they do not know where to start to make it happen or have the motivation or drive to become successful.  One of my best friends frequently says – “If it could be thought of – it could be done.”  Why, then doesn’t it happen? Forgive me for lack of a better word – laziness – or not knowing what to do next? Perhaps, giving up because it leads to failure after failure.  I will use myself as an example.  I am extremely confident in my writing abilities, in fact, I wrote an article for the now extinct Yahoo! Voices.  Within days I had thousands of hits.  The article to me was nearly perfect, however, I lacked the knowledge of how to expose myself further, how to network, who to contact.  People do not simply – get discovered – you have to work at it – never give up until you succeed.  Ask questions when you do not understand.  Brainstorm out loud.  Network with others.  Realize failure is part of success, giving up is not.

No more writers block. No more excuses.

Join me in my personal journey of developing my creative writing talent into successful authorship.  If you have a dream, I encourage you to follow me: let’s do this together.

Signed ~

Dana Rockwell A. 

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
~ Winston S. Churchill